The 6th IMS 2.0 World Forum 2009
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Endorsing Association:

IMTC are proud to announce that they are endorsing 
IMS 2.0 World Forum 2009

After a period of market hesitation, network operators are showing renewed interest in IMS, demonstrating that the IMS story is not over and there is still much to debate and many unanswered questions. Discover the answers you need to drive forward IMS uptake:

  • Assess the opportunities and threats in a shifting environment - delivering the best of two  
        different worlds: IMS and Web 2.0
  • Evolving the business case for converging IT and Telco markets: WIMS 2.0
  • Collaboration - How to deal with a complex ecosystem
  • Defining the relationship between IMS & RCS
  • Releasing the IMS handset bottleneck
  • Addressing Interoperability, Interworking and QoS for IMS
  • Simplifying IMS billing and delivering dynamic OSS for IMS
  • How IMS will shape Next Generation Services
  • Investigating the IMS Service Layer and opening the APIs

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